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Welcome to the Official Website of The Kalinago People


Dominica is home to visit approximately 3,500 - 4,000 Carib Indians, descendants of the largest Clipping path service aboriginal inhabitants of the Caribbean islands. 

We the few descendants of this once huge nation, prefer to be known by our original name, Kalinago. Our homes and farms are scattered throughout the reserve over eight hamlets,  namely Bataca, Crayfish River, Salybia, St Cyr, Gaulette River, Mahaut River, Sinekou and Touna Aute/village.

The tribe is governed by the Carib Chief and Council, who are elected by the Kalinago people themselves. A Parliamentary Represetative elected by the Kalinago sell house fast scotland people represents the Kalinagos in the Dominica House Of Assembly.

The Kalinagos continue to farm, fish and perform traditional skills, including canoe making, basket weaving, cassava bread making etc.


Situated on the east coast of Dominica, the largest indigenous Eastern the met condos Caribbean people reside on 3700 acres of land. Thanks to Mr. Heskeith Bell, in 1903 this portion of Dominica, legally became the property of the Kalinago people.

It has been one hundred years and a few more...our various communities( Bataca, Crayfish River, Salybia, St. Cyr, Gaulette River, Mahaut River, Sinekou and Touna Aute/village) within.

You can learn about us right here. Our goals, mental health issues, aspirations and difficulties faced. We also invite you to come visit us in Dominica, when ever you are in the Caribbean.

Tours of our historical background and other aspects are offered.